About us

HebreosNet  offers to all the Spanish-speaking Jews of the world a set of resources to foment, among other things, the debate of opinions, the knowledge of our traditions and our union as a people. Technically, HebreosNet consists of six mailing lists, an IRC channel, a VideoChat room, many forum´s web, and a Web site. But we are not just a virtual community; we have regular meetings — which we call «mesibot» — in most countries where we have members. This brings a real-life, social side to our online discussions.

HebreosNet is a non-profit organization, and does not belong to any Jewish movement nor is affiliated with any other organization. Nor is it affiliated with any one country, although many members are from Argentina; the committee of overseers and participants are from around the globe.

Our work was recognized by newspapers and publications (link in spanish) around the world. Also, this prestigious entities and sites (link in spanish) contain links towards our site.

A short review about our history

February 14,  1997 – «#Hebreos en Internet»

After some sporadic activity in January, 1997, the #Hebreos Chat room was officially born on the Undernet IRC network on February 14, 1997.
Quickly, though, word on the street spread about #Hebreos and our membership grew exponentially; we were the «talk of the town,» known for the quality and depth of our discussions. Soon we expanded from just this chat room into our e-mail listservs and a Web site: «#Hebreos en Internet». Hebreos matured, from a few friends in an online chat, to a full-fledged virtual community, and then blossomed into the real community, with a virtual counterpart, that it remains today.

August 17, 1997 – First «real life» meeting

In the beginning — to quote the opening lines of the Old Testament; although our founding is not of biblical proportions! — the mailing list began with about 15 members, almost all of them from Buenos Aires. On August 17, 1997, we held our first «real life» meeting (Mesiba), in La Plata, Argentina.

April 1, 1999 – HebreosNet

On April 1st, 1999, we changed our name from «#Hebreos en Internet» to «HebreosNet», in order to fully reflect the breadth of our community, online and off.

Today – Thousands in the world connected by Hebreos.Net

Today, we have over 15,000 members (September 2014), including Jews living in Argentina, Israel, Canada, the United States, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela, Mexico, Spain, Bolivia, Brazil, and other countries. We have also held «Mesibot» in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Israel, the United States, Mexico, Venezuela and Spain. In Facebook, our Fan Page exceeds 23,000 fans.

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